What sets us apart from every other plantation shutter manufacturer in the UK? The answer can be summed up in two words – tradition and innovation. For over 12 years we have lovingly created exquisite window furniture using the very finest skills of furniture makers handed down over the years combined with the most up to date technology to produce shutters like no other. We are totally focused on you – the customer. We listen to your needs and desires and then produce exactly what you wish. With Lifetime® Shutters you are guaranteed beautiful window furniture that will fill you with joy and pride every time you walk into the room.

Lifetime® Shutters Are Streets Ahead Of The Competition

Lifetime® Shutters are crafted only from the very finest hand-selected timbers and other materials. Our Premium Wood Conditioning ensures that timbers used are dried to the exact requirements for your home. Mortise and tenon joinery is used for the frames. 25 quality control checks are undertaken covering every stage of manufacture. Skilled craftsmen use traditional methods to create the very finest window furniture by hand.

Lifetime Shutters® are crafted individually for the most discerning homeowners who wish to grace their windows with nothing less than the finest shutters available in the UK. The gorgeous Sussex® line is exquisite and is hand-built by artisans from only the very finest hardwoods hand-selected by our buyer from specialist importers. Sussex® Shutters turn even the most plain windows into things of beauty.
As with any home investment, only the very finest shutters will increase the value of your home over the longer term. Lifetime® Shutters are created using only the most outstanding materials known, and are built entirely by hand using age-old traditional skills combined with 21st century technology. Quality control checks are conducted at every stage of production.
Every shutter is crafted in the same fashion as the very finest heirloom furniture, but incorporates technical innovations to ensure its’ performance will remain steadfast under all circumstances.
A wide choice of different frame styles, colours, and hardware ensures that your finished shutters will complement your home to perfection and will be unique to you.

Lifetime® Shutters Add Value To Every Home

No matter what your choice of material and hardware, every Lifetime® Shutter is built to last, and our prices cannot be beaten by any competitor. Every shutter is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Quarter-sawn timbers, as opposed to flat-sawn, are used to create the very finest furniture, so our Sussex® range of shutters incorporates nothing less. Quarter-sawing is a process which cuts the timbers from the tree lengths in a way which ensures the very strongest finished timber with inherently straight grain.
Shutters undergo considerable forces and strains when in constant use, so in order to overcome these every Lifetime® shutter is crafted using only mortise and tenon joints. These are arguably the strongest possible joints used in any form of woodworking.
The extreme lustre-like finish of Lifetime® Shutters is achieved using a very labour-intensive process which is the only way to produce shutters that Lifetime® customers deserve. Every piece of timber that is used is subject to hand sanding five times using ever finer grades of sandpaper. This process opens the pores of the wood and makes for an extremely smooth surface. Then five thin coats of finest quality paint or stain in the colour that you have chosen are added. This produces a finished shutter that has no comparison.

The Widest Choice Of Materials And Colours Available In The Industry

A range of different frame options. Your choice of materials and colours. Shutters produced in any design and to fit any window – even those out of square.

Natural wood has a tendency to twist and warp. In order to overcome this and ensure the long-term performance of our shutters we employ a technique which we call Prescription Wood Conditioning which helps to ensure that our shutters will continue to close perfectly long after inferior products would have twisted out of shape.
Humidity varies quite considerably around the world and even from one part of town to another. Our wood conditioning team will determine the humidity levels at your home location, and then the timbers that are to be used in the construction of your shutters are cured and dried in order to match the environmental conditions in your home. This process ensures that your shutters will not warp or twist and will continue to function, closing tightly without any gaps, year after year.
A properly built shutter should close to precision without any unpleasant-looking gaps and continue to do so. Lifetime® Shutters are the only manufacturer to overcome the tendency of wood to twist and warp by using reinforced stiles of multiple layers which are bonded together under heat and pressure and incorporate a proprietary chemical. This process ensures the durability and performance of every stile in Lifetime® shutters.

Outstanding Service From Every Member Of Our Staff

Our service philosophy is that nothing is too good for Lifetime® Shutters customers. We deliver on time. Every member of our team, from our representatives to our in-house staff to our installation team, will treat you with the courtesy and respect that you deserve.

Lifetime® Shutters can be made to fit the shape of any window, incorporating operable louvres and panels that open so that windows can be cleaned.
Wooden shutters with a track system where sliding panels are desired.
Cut-out shutters for French doors allow access to doorknobs and handles.
Unique frame designs permit shutters to be designed to fit with any window.